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Investimate is a full-service research and consulting network made up of research specialists and well- trained local teams. Our staff has excelled in collecting data, developing customised research schemes, designing different types of research instruments, analysing data, and producing authentic reports. We professionally conduct a variety of studies irrespective of the industrial sector and provide customised services.

We have been a research business since 1996. We have succeeded in growing into a multi-sector client- oriented company in a relatively short time, having a membership in ESOMAR, and working with dozens of local and international clients. And today, although we are based in Istanbul-Turkey, we have local teams and manage different projects across the whole country and the Middle East with an increasing international and regional experience.

All of us in Investimate have the passion for exploring prospects and accumulating knowledge by being always involved. We partner with our clients to face challenges and handle hard circumstances so everyone senses reality and make enlightened decisions.

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Our Latest Vacancies:

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Istanbul Turkey Research February 16, 2019
Research Associate Istanbul Turkey Research September 17, 2018
Market Analyst Istanbul Turkey Research July 8, 2018