Empowering Evidence-Based Actions

About us


Investimate is a full-service research and consulting firm comprised of research specialists and experienced local teams. Our staff excels in data collection, developing customized research schemes, designing different types of research instruments, data analysis, and the production ofauthentic reports. We have conducted a variety of studies across multiple sectors and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized services to our clients. 

Investimate manages local teams that operate in all Syrian governorates as well as, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya with increasing experience with both NGOs and INGOs.


To collaborate with local and international stakeholders to foster stability and prosperity within vulnerable and conflict-ridden countries. We aim to play a pivotal role in shaping informed decisions and prioritizing actions during the recovery phase, leveraging expertise to facilitate sustainable rebuilding efforts in afflicted areas.


Our mission encompasses several objectives:

    • Pinpointing immediate needs.
    • Identifying future recovery priorities.
    • Upholding rigorous quality control standards in alignment with our values.  

This commitment ensures the provision of empowering information and guidance to key stakeholders, enabling the development and execution of practical plans that directly benefit the communities under study.


Gender and Inclusivity​

Gender is an issue considered at all phases of project design and implementation. According to the research type, we hold separate focus groups for women and men and we allocate female staff to moderate and facilitate women’s focus groups and interviews. We also considere gender balance during the sampling design. Alongside considerations for gender, we prioritize the inclusion of vulnerable groups, people with disabilities, and minority ethnicities.​


We analyze potential risks and adverse effects associated with field activities and take proactive measures to mitigate these risks. This includes thorough planning and promoting safety measures among all stakeholders, including authorities, community leaders, and individuals involved. Our field team is extensively trained and accustomed to operating in volatile environments due to their local expertise.

Data Protection

Throughout all our projects, we ensure that all data and
information obtained are securely processed and stored. All
relevant parties are made aware of the purposes for which the
information is obtained. Furthermore, our teams ensure the
anonymity of participants to encourage open and candid
responses. Prior to each project, our field team members sign
a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Additionally, our databases are
stored on our servers.

Quality Control

At our company, we adhere to rigorous quality control standards, incorporating various measures such as time stamping, GPS tracking, and audio recording. These methods are implemented to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of our research processes and data collection efforts. Additionally, our team of research specialists and statisticians are adept at crafting and selecting representative samples from the communities under study. By employing meticulous sampling techniques, we guarantee that our analyses accurately reflect the authentic demographic and behavioral patterns within these populations, thereby upholding the highest standards of quality in our research endeavors.