Empowering Evidence-Based Actions

  • From Need to Recovery: Providing Assessments that Boost the Transition

  • Local Teams: Expanding the Research Outreach and Empathy

  • Guiding an Impactful Change: Delivering Firsthand Insights from Involved Stakeholders


A full-service research and consulting network made up of research specialists and well-trained local teams. From collecting data, developing customised research schemes, designing different types of research instruments, to analysing data, and producing authentic reports, we professionally conduct research projects through our established local field teams in Syria, Lebanon, Tukey, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.

Our Services

Baseline Studies and Needs Assessments

Conducting baseline studies to establish the initial status, conditions, and needs of target populations or communities. Needs assessments to identify gaps, priorities, and challenges in specific sectors or geographic areas.

Third-Party Monitoring (TPM)​​​

Independent monitoring of projects and programs to assess progress, compliance, and impact
Verification of project activities, outputs, and outcomes against agreed-upon indicators and standards.
Regular reporting to stakeholders on project performance and outcomes.

Evaluation Services​

Evaluate projects, programs, and policies for effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, sustainability, and impact. Measure long-term effects and broader societal impacts. Assess implementation strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Research and Data Analysis

Qualitative and quantitative research to gather insights, perspectives, and data relevant to project monitoring and evaluation. Data analysis services, including statistical analysis, data visualization, and interpretation of findings.
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Focus Group Discussions

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Observation, Testing, and Inspection Visits

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Key Informants Interviews

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Beneficiary Surveys


Shelter & NFIs

Health (public health, mental health, psychosocial support)


Protection (general protection, child protection), ​


Food Security & Livelihoods (FSL)

Emergency Response

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